My vehicle was totaled.  USAA listed 2 comparable cars 10 miles from my house with an average of 35% higher mileage and offered me a low amount in my total loss statement.  My car is single owner, no accidents, with maintenance records.   Brandon the rep stated that low mileage, single owner with maintenance records does not increase the value of the car.  Only adds to the dealer profit.  This doesn’t even make sense.  All the research and articles state that low mileage, single owner, maintenance records, CARFAX, will increase sales price.  Has this happened to anyone else?  This statements are counter intuitive and as a consumer do not make sense.   I also asked 4 times for a supervisor and was told no.  Any advice.  I’m a 25 year USAA member.  Never experienced customer experience like this in my life.  The claim is on the other driver who is also USAA insured.  I may be the claimant, but I’m also USAA.  



I see that my colleague, LeKisha, has escalated your concerns to the subject matter expert over your claim.  I've forwarded your additional post to them for review.  Thanks~Mike