Grandaughter came to me and said she was not receiving any response from USAA regarding her car repairs.  Car top was slashed and the repair failed.  Company who subbed out the roof repair initially said it was installed incorrectly.  Five months later after repeated calls, I hear that USAA is not going to stand by their commitment to get the car roof repaired.  


My youngest daughter had terrible time getting her car repaired because USAA would not return her calls.  She has left USAA.


I was recently hit and could not get timely responses from USAA.  They were having a hard time communicating with other party's insurance.  I had to call the other insurance company to get things moving.


It seems like USAA has down sized to improve profits, but has sacrificed service.  Hold times are excessively long.


@Communication Issue, I am terribly sorry to hear about the claims experiences of you and your family. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert. They will review your situation and reach out to you to discuss further. Thank you.