I got a rock ding in my window that turned into a crack. I called to see about getting it replaced. I have never had a insurance claim not even for a windshield so I wasn't sure of the procedure. Mind you I have been driving for 23 years with not one claim. When I called and spoke to USAA they said nothing about paying a deductible on the phone. Instead they transfere me to Safelite. After speaking with Safelite and them telling me ot was going to cost $1000 i declined and told them that I did not want to file a claim. So instead of not filing it and closing out my call they have it still sitting open on my insurance account. I called telling them that I did not open the claim they said they needed proof that the windshiel had been replaced before they close it. When in fact it should not have been opened. I didn't realize calling to get info would open a unwanted insurance claim. This needs to be fixed. ASAP 



We certainly do not want you to feel disappointed with our service, and I'd like to have your concerns reviewed further.  I've escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.   Thanks~Mike