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My car was total loss. It's almost 2 week still without my money settlement and usaa let my rental expire today without having a car and pay for extended rental about 150.00 until my settle is done long wait procedure injustice because I need to pay for my rental when my claim still pending not settle yet. I try to get and extension without any solution plus 2 week still waiting for my money to buy another car with two kids on my own . Completely disappoint claim procedure I follow all the steps make and sent all the papers requirement and I until today nothing. Usaa I have an injury and I have a lot of stress for that situation have and insurance and I need out of pockets money to continue have a car. Completely disappoint. Long wait no solution what go on usaa. Need to work in customer service. Bad experience and with mu injury the process have been hard for me. The rental was supposed to cover me until my settlement was settle . Finish my rental too early without a car . Please usaa get better please


@kry, thank you for reaching out.  I am so sorry you are disappointed with the handling of your total loss.  The last thing we want to do is add any more stress to what's already a stressful event.  I located your account and the two adjusters assigned.  I just sent notification to both their managers to request they follow up with you respecting the car rental extension and your injury coverage.  Please allow up to one business day to receive a response from both managers. - Ina

never received any call back from usaa .  I pay a 315.00 form Nov 15 to Nov. 28 due that I received the money of the settlement late .  thank is completely dissapoint.  My rental cover until 900.00 that I pay for insurance and usaa pay only 613.-- what happened with my 900 coverage I have for my virginia policy?  this is completely unaceptable.  very stressfull procedure lack of comprenhension.  not good usaa

@kry, I asked the claims service manager to follow up with you to further discuss your concerns with the auto claim.  They will be contacting you within one business day.  Thanks ~ Robert.