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In a nutshell, I have an auto claim. So far it has taken over 6 mos and it is still not resolved. USAA is not giving me what my car is worth. They made an offer which was rejected by me. It's taken nearly 6 mos to get this unacceptable offer. The principle of insurance, good faith, and indemnity is to put the person in the same position they were in immediately before the occurrence. In this case, total hail damage. This is taught in insurance courses in college. I know because I took a class in insurance. It's also available on the internet. I do not believe there has been good faith. And their indemnity offer does not put me in the same position as before the damage occurred. After all of this, they had better make a reasonable offer.


Hi @Rock173, I have forwarded your information over to our CEO member relations team for additional review. I show that you were previously contacted by our member advocacy team as an attempt to resolve issues with the settlement but, we were not able to contact you to finalize that review. Thank you for your patience and please expect a call from the CEO member relations team within 1-2 business days. Thank you.