Chad Childers
Occasional Contributor

My auto theft ciaim was denied due to pre- insurance inspection not completed in a timely manner and USAA dropped my coverage. On January 24, 2019 i woke up to take my daughter to school and go to work. My truck was parked in the driveway. The truck had the driver's side window busted out, the door was dented, and items were stolen out of the truck. I filed a police report and notified USAA of my claim.


This is where my nightmare started with USAA. The 2010 Nissan Titan was the first vehicle I have had financed in the state of Florida. Florida is one of five states that require their residents that have comprehensive and collision insurance to get a pre-insurance inspection within 30 daysof coverage. Needless to say I was unaware of this requirement. I was told by the claims adjuster that I checked a box when I was starting my insurance coverage online. Honestly, who actually pays attention to the small print. I was just in a hurry to get coverage started so I could go pick up my truck. The claims adjuster also said there was an email sent to me notifying me of this inspection. Well, again i don't read every email I receive. Most of what USAA sends out are bulk newsletters soliciting more business.


In any event I missed the Florida Statute window of 30 days to get this inspection and USAA dropped my comprehensive collision coverage. And what happens next my truck is broken into. I have been back and forth with the Advocacy team at USAA, claims adjusters, and other customer service representatives. My claim has been under reviews by the legal department. I am still denied coverage because of this Florida law. Florida is doing away with this pre-insurance inspection law this year. I have lobbied to USAA to refund me my out of pocket expenses to get my truck fixed and USAA stands firmly and continues to deny my claim.


I have been a USAA member for 16 years now, l am an ex Army Ranger and recipient of several military awards. USAA has treated me like I don't matter...treated me like anumber and not a person. What USAA doesn't know about me is that I pay $840/month in child support. I live paycheci to paycheck so many other veterans. I am back on my feet now, but for over a year I lived in the Five Star Veterans Center in Jacksonville, Fl. This is a homeless sheller for veterans. So now I am out of pocket almost $1,200. I still have two dents in my door. My air conditioning  doesn't work because the blower motor was damaged during the theft.


I get that there are laws to I have friends in law enforcement. USAA is a very large company and have treated me as a number and not a person. USAA could do what's right and pay for my out of pocket expenses and to fix my truck, but they refuse to do what's right. I am disgusted. I am hurt. This money would help me out tremendously. I am representing myself and taking my ex-wife back to court for more custody of my daughter. USAA choosing to not do what's right couldn't have come at a more worse time for me.


Thank you Chad for your 16 year membership to USAA and your service to your country. What a joke!