I’ve been dealing with a claim that was supposed to be taken care of since the beginning of April the car was parked at tire kingdom an employee backed into the car while waiting to get a new tire so I called MY insurance company thinking they would look out for me WRONG I’ve had to prove myself not the liar my claims adjuster Ramona has called me once and left a message I called her back never heard from her again waited two days never got a phone call so I called the next morning spoke with an IAN he got busy trying to get things ready but he was only to go so far; then Ramona called claiming she been trying to call leave messages my number has been the same since 2005. She didn’t get the police report I sent it to her. She didn’t get the estimate from the other insurance company I sent that to her she didn’t get the number from the other the other insurance company I sent that I’ve been my own insurance claims adjuster since this has started just to have my deductible waived when I’m NOT at fault. I always thought my ins company works for me not the other way around I’m sorely disappointed


Hello @Wakundaforever. I regret to hear how disappointed you are and I would like to look into your concerns. Your membership is very important to us and I want to help in any way I can. I will be reaching out to our claims partners to review your situation. Please rest assured  that someone will contact you to address your concerns. Thank you for reaching out.

I know you get a lot of complaints but this I have to give accolades I got a phone call this am before start of business by very nice gentleman he listened to my concerns and answered questions while on the phone EVERYTHING was handled I’m a very satisfied customer once again I’d like to thank him for picking up the phone and being very helpful

Thank you so much for the update @Wakundaforever. I am glad to know we were able to resolve your concerns. ~Nekeysha