I've been a member with USAA Auto and credit card for 6 years.  I've never had anything but positive things to say until recently.  My car payments have been paid automatically for the past 4 years from the same account.  I attempted to make an early payment online 2 days ago.  While I checked my bank statements today, noticed it had not been withdrawn.  I called USAA and the representative was very helpful and found out it had been withdrawn from a different account that I had no recollection of.  After ending the phone call, I did some investigating and found that it was a previous account that doesn't exist anymore and was closed 4 years ago. I called USAA for a second time, expecting to make the correct payment from the account that's they've used for years . 


Typically everyone I have encountered from USAA has been friendly and exhibited exceptional customer service. This is the first time I've had a rep. that as soon as she answered my call sounded like she didn't want to be there and was less than helpful; regardless, I explained the situation and she stated that she can accept my payment, but can't cancel the payment that's already processing. Once it's processed I'll be charged a fee for insufficient funds even though the account they charged doesn't even exist.  She stated that it won't be waved because it was my fault for making a manual payment.  When I asked to speak with someone else in the billing dept, I was denied.  I feel like I was not respected as a long term customer. The call ended in frustration.  All I wanted to do was pay my bill early and now I'm being penalized for an error from an app.  Makes me want to cancel all my services, and not use anymore online systems ever again. 


@Runa. I can completely understand how you feel! We never want our members to feel frustrated at the end of a call with us.  I will forward this information for further review.  Once the review has been completed, we will follow up with you.