On reviewing my latest car insurance bill; I noticed that my monthly premium has been increased by 67%.

Prior to the "change" to Garrison Insurance ( a USAA affiliate ? ), my monthy premium was around $80 and now it is around $133. This premium on a 2008 vehicle that I drive less than 5000 milews per year.

After nearly one hour on the phone and requesting to speak to a supervisor ( Raoul ) I was told that this was because of a change in status; (which was not clearly explained), and that there waas nothing that could be done.

As a USAA member for over 20 years with zero claims and a 830+ credit score I am amazed and extremely dissapointed to be treated so shabbily. I will be shopping for an alternative company to service my car insurance needs ASAP.


Hello @Annoyedafter20years, this is difficult to read from a member of over 20 years. Please know your concerns are taken seriously and I'm engaging the appropriate area to address them. -Paula 

Smart move.  Shop around.  USAA can be beaten on every thing they offer.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.

Not surprised by this. I had a similar issue when I attempted a homeowners claim. Haven't had a home claim in >20yrs yet they gave me horrible customer service and fought back at every inspection to deny the claim. Thanks for nothing USAA. Glad to see loyalty is rewarded.