Frank NH

My daughter just had an accident.  We have the rental car coverage and USAA has some sort of integration with Enterprise on thier web site.  They list the prices and the cars.  You select one and then Enterprise calls you back.  I selected on less than the $30 per day of coverage I have.


Now Enterprise (from Exter NH office) calls me and says that that vehicle is going to cost me $5 extra per day out of pocket.  The cheapest vehicle they have going to be $1.50 out of pocket perday.  This felt high to me so...


I was able to login to and get a vehicle vehicle less than the $30 per day of coverage.  I have always thought of Enterpise as a less expensive company to rent from.  Turns out this is not the case.


I don't know if I would call the USAA to Enterprise integration "Bait and Switch" but it is very close.  I would look for some other company as that you can get a better car for cheaper.  I picked Hertz because I use them for business travel.  I have rented from Enterprise before but not regulary, but that is something that won't happen in the future.  If someone can explain to me why this isn't some sort of scam I would appreciate it.


The system makes it seem like you need to pick Enterprise only.  This isn't the case.  You can use any rental company and USAA will remburse you (in my case $30 per day up to $900 max).