Not sure if anyone had issues with the truecar deal.First it took 7 weeks to get the loan.Then I was told I don't get the extra percent off because I didn't use the truecar deal.I could have gotten a better percentage from a schlep car dealership . I informed them that I did. I feel misled and a victim of predatory loans. I canceled my CC.30 years of usage and not even a call or letter.What a shame!POOR customer service


@Jamule, I understand that you have concerns about the USAA Car Buying Service. With USAA's Car Buying Service, we strive to provide our members with a seamless and personalized experience when purchasing a new or used vehicle. I'm sorry that you did not receive this level of service for your auto loan. I will engage the appropriate USAA team to review your concerns. Please allow some time for a thorough review of the situation. ~DC