What are the pros and cons of car leasing vs. car buying?


@Caballo2, Thank you for putting your question in our Member Community. It is a great idea to get the opinions of others prior to jumping in. I would also like to point you in the direction of We have an advice area that offers some topics on subjects like " how much car can I afford" and several others. It can't hurt to take a look. I will offer you my opinion. I leased a vehicle for 3 yrs and found while I love driving a new car, I did not like the mileage restrictions. I put a lot of miles on to see my Son serving in the Navy. (= I hope you get the answers you seek to make an informed decision. Thank you. ~Suzy

Hi@Caballo2  did you get what you needed? ~ Suzy

Main disadvantage is not driving a car without a car payment.  Buy new, pay cash or pay off ASAP.  Drive 10 to 12 years or more with most of the years not having a car payment.  Not concerned about trade in value as the car will be at the end of its service life when I am finished with it.