Car insurance

Wow has this company gone downhill. Claims use to be a breeze. Now I can't even get in answer. First I am told my hit and run is comprehensive now it is collision and I guess I am expected to make arrangements to get my own appraisal. Guess my car won't get fixed. No wonder veterans are no longer recommending this insurance company. And why have we not gotten our dividend checks yet?
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@Katibear, this isn't the experience we want you to have. I'm very sorry to hear about your disappointment. I'll be forwarding your situation and feedback to our best team to be addressed properly.

I just got a quote for my old car and these guys want more than 3 times what I am currently paying! I feel duped into downloading the app. I thought it was exclusively for military but it exclusively screws the military.

I can understand your concern regarding the quote you received. Our insurance professionals are available to help review your quote on your behalf. You can chat with us by logging into and selecting "Chat" or you can call us at 800-531-8722 for further assistance. - Heather