Car insurance

I have been a USAA auto insurance customer for about 20 years, and a second generation insured by USAA.  I have touted USAA to friends and family. But not any more!  Recently I received my new 6 month insurance bill and found that it was raised 65%!  When I called to inquire the reason, I was given all kinds of excuses, none of which made any sense.  Same car only two years old, no accidents, same age at this time,   Imagine my surprise when I contacted three other insurance companies and found that I could get the same coverage for less than my original payment and $100 less than the increased bill.  I am leaving USAA with a bad taste in my mouth.  I feel, but cannot prove that this is age discrimination since I have read similar complaints from others.  Shame on you USAA!  You advertise you care, but it is false advertising. You have lost a loyal customer!

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Smart move leaving USAA.

@Mabramshe, I'm sorry to read this about your account and definitely want to review further on your behalf. I was able to locate your account and have forwarded your message to the best team. We'll reach out as quickly as possible to discuss more info together. I appreciate the opportunity to review. -Lori