Car insurance hikes on perfect record...3 years in row.

Texas veteran
Really dissappoint in USAA. Last year they raise my car insurance $184 a year they said beacuse of state flooding. I live in Dallas and no flooding affected here. Then now i get this years increase of another $246 a year. Again they say because of hurricanes. Not affected here in Dallas. No i am sad to say i will be leaving USAA after the horrible phone call support I explaination other then they have too. State Farm and Geico give same coverage for less. And give rewards for no accidents. I have 3 cars and 3 people insured and no claims ever...that is bad service USAA to keep raising my rates.


This is heartbreaking @Texas veteran and can certainly understand your frustrations about your increasing premiums.  Many factors can impact premiums for auto and home insurance policies from weather related events in the state of Texas, claims trends in surrounding areas, and from materials and labor costs can also affect premiums in insurance policies.  I'd like the chance to review your policy one more time to help answer questions and identify where the costs increased by sending me a Private Message.  I do hope and look forward to hearing from you soon to review your policy with you.  ~ Marco

Wonder why rates are going up and service going down…?  CEO Stuart Parker earned about $4 million during 2017, up from $2.73 million a year before.  His compensation is in the "25th percentile of the market and can be higher based on performance," USAA representatives said.  Stuart Parker was paid $2.7 million in 2016, and $2.3 million in 2015, according to the San Antonino express.  That's quite a pay raise especially in a  not-for-profit company living on the incomes of the military and their families.

@KSGkid, we value your feedback. I've escalated your concerns so that we may have an opportunity to address them. Thank you! -Cynthia