Car insurance/Caliber Collision - no work done

I am having problems with a USAA affiliated collision shop.  Our car was involved in an accident January 12th, which we were not at fault for, and the car has been at the collision shop ever since then. 


I understand the supply chain issues, but the collision shop has been telling us that they received all of the backordered parts since late February and that work is underway and we would be receiving updates at the end of the week.  At the end of the week, there would be no such update, this has been going on for weeks.  Any messages left would not be returned.  One of the insurance reps was able to get an updated response from them with this text attached below on March 3rd, but they didn't follow up like they said they would. I physically have to go there to receive any sort of update and every time I go, they would give a different story.  Just the other day, the shop said they 'just received the parts' and the vehicle is being reassembled (no mention of the painting below).

Is there any department in USAA that can escalate this issue?  My wife is a first responder and needs her car for work.  We can not afford rentals anymore.  The shop is clearly not working and this is no longer a supply chain issue.  I would hate to leave USAA after so many years, but this is absolutely unprofessional.  The shop has been paid already and based on other reviews of the business, many cars are being fixed quickly, but there are also some reviews of the same mechanic (who is working on our car) giving the same week in and week out excuses to other customers.  



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Thank you @Eugene Kim for your USAA membership and reaching out to us to review your current auto claim experience.  We truly appreciate your patience as I forward your claim for further addressing to the appropriate team.  ~Marco