The service is availabe in TX, the price match guarantee is not


The car buying service is a "gimmick ." Most dealers will match the quote just to get a sale (at least the smart ones will). Oh, the banks offering this type of service will get your money via finance charges and will even lie to you about lowering the finance rate a quarter or half percent after the purchase is finalized. Checkout to learn how to manage your money to pay cash for the next car. Follow the baby steps in his plan and you will be on your way to having financial peace. Oh, it's not easy. You will be challenged to change behaviors that keep you a slave to the lender. Thanks for serving our country brother!

I agree, this service just gives the ability for the dealers to "bait and switch".  I put in one configuration and immediately recieved calls and emails for other configurations.  They wanted to come to the dealership, which I avoid until a deal is done.  I found out a 2015 configuration that was in the area as the first configuration was not.  I resubmitted based on the known configuration and now not a single one of the three dealerships is contacting me nor responding to emails.  


This service is a sham.  



Is there anything we could assist you with?

Yea, the one dealership of three, never called me back except for the initial hello call to verify what I wanted. 2nd one had just a few and not a one even close, but both of their web pages were up to date on current inventories, and are kept up to date.
Third one that USAA showed to have cars very close to my configuation had not and has not updated their inventories in weeks, probably they trick USAA, & the public into thinking they had everything in stock.
Sure, if you can get my $2,000 back and actually applied to my veh. 😐



I have passed along your comment to our team that handles the car buying services. They will be reaching out to you. Thank you.

 Thank you Angela.  I just had an email exchange with Justin from StoneRidge and he said it has to be the exact model in stock and if so, it does not apply.  


Here is what he said:  "There are three well equiped Anvil Wrangler sports left within 600 miles. I have attached a copy of the window sticker to this email for you to look over. Selling price will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $2k over MSRP."


Realize that the buying service quoted me $3564 BELOW MSRP. 


You should remove all of these dealers from the buying service if they do not honor the price.  They should not "bid" if they don't have the model on their lot.  

Angela, are they going to contact me?  I have not heard anything back yet.  

Once these dealers get your info thru usaa they will be calling & texting you. Even after I told a sales rep this summer he kept calling. Then their Marketing Dept started calling. But careful when you give them personal info. In prefeel to shop on line, get my infoot then go in person to deal.