I see many folks with similiar experiences using the buying service True Car offered theough USAA.
This is one service I have used in past, but I will not use again.
No one is double checking dealerships uses of the program. I had two dealers tell me straight up that they had nothing close to what I was looking for.
The third however, put up on their web page and on true car, vehs that were not actually in stock.
Its called bait and switch
Than they bring forth the much pricier models , by $1,000's, and try to tell you are getting a great deal.
Even after I caught them at their little game.
After you buy the vehicle, they dump you like a hot potato and refuse to talk to you.
I sent a similiar email to True Car. A joke of a service.
They may have beenreally good in the past but now, its just money.
I liked the old buying service, there was one person in the area, in Fleet services, that you dealt with and no one else. He/she found your vehicle and arranged the sale and pick up.
No games. Very straight up.


Forgot to mention, dealer gave me a better interest rate, even after the .75% credits applied by USAA.
And I just found out, the price guarantee does not apply in Texas. Only state it is not used. fudging Fantastic

Thank you for your feedback IrishinTX. I have made sure it is shared with the car buying service team.


Thank you.

So, I am replying or looking into the Car Buying service here in Tx !

Reading the replies, Is it Not Available in Texas ?  USAA is in San Antonio, Why wouldnt it be available ??

That would be ludicrous if not available here in Texas !!

Tx Kayak Fishing,


I am looking into this for you and will post as soon as I have information. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you, i was also chaged $2,000 dollars above what they were actually selling it for, their web page stock has not changed in 3 weeks.
They started with the cost of car $2,000 dollars above what they sell the car for, which deleted my down payment.



Yes, Car Buying Service is available in Texas, it is a 24/7 self-service tool on usaa.com that refers members to perform many consumer functions prior to making an auto purchasing decision. Thank you for your comment.

Sorry, i was refering to the price matching that is not available in Texas. I could have used it....