I just want to share our awful adventure with USAA's car buying service. On Augyst 28th we bought a 2009 Ford Escape using USAA's car buying service. We got it from " What a deal Motors " in Kokomo IN. Nice looking truck. Thinking that dealers advertised on USAA's website are trustworthy we drove it home. On the second day we started to have problems. We took it back to the dealer and he confirmed that the front wheel bearings were bad. He then said that since we did not not buy his warranty there was nothing he could do for us. So. First repair after 2 days. It did not take long after that and the engine started to act up. We took it to a garage and were informed that the intake valve is burned and the truck misfires because of it. The fuel milage had gotten terrible. About 9-10 MPG. We were in the process of moving so we ended up towing a broken truck to Texas to our new base. We  contacted several garages and were told by all of them that the repair is very labor intense because the whole engine has to be taken apart to fix this part. We ended up having to replace the engine because ie was cheaper. So here is the next bill of $2300. All for a vehicle we really have not even been able to drive. We contacted USAA about this but all we were told is that they really don't run the car buying service. That it is a other company that actually does it. We contacted them and all they said is that there is nothing they can do either. The dealer said the car worked when we bought it. That was good enough. So here we are. Including taxes and fees we bought the vehicle for about $11 000. Adding on about $3000 in repairs. It's just great. Bottom line is. People have to be careful. Do not trust something just because USAA advertises it. They are in the business of making money. Collecting payments every month. They don't care if we can use our vehicle or not. If we got ripped off or not. Have vehicles inspected by a neutral garage before buying. It's a small investment compared to what we are going through. Borrowing money to buy the car and then borrow more to fix it. Guess who has the gain here ? Buy a warranty and make sure it covers enough. Don't assume warranties cover everything it sounds like they do. We will never use the car buying service again and most certainly never go near that dealer again either. For a good number of years we will be paying for a nightmare. For a rip off. Keep that in mind next time there is a need for a vehicle.




I am sorry to hear of your experience. I have passed along your comment to a bank specialist for review. Someone will be contacting you directly, thank you.