I was referred to Ferguson GMC in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma by the USAA car buying service. The employees we dealt with kept trying to push different vehicle models and would not search the lot for the specific vehicle I wanted. I found multiple models in their lot of the models I had wanted. After I was passed onto another salesman (conveniently after I had mentioned USAA had sent me) she would not contact me back. After multiple attempts to contact the dealership back I was finally given a horrible lowball offer on my trade in that was under KBB value (which the dealership claimed they used for their trade ins). I got my own instant cash offer from KBB and brought that back in. The manager claimed that a 4 inch crack in my dash lowered the value of my trade in $1500 and that the front/back bumper replacements on my truck also played a factor into the value of the trade in being so low. Which is one of the most ridiculous statements ever given that I bought the vehicle as it is from another GM dealership three years ago. The manager refused to comply with KBB instant cash offer that was given for that specific dealership. I'm highly disappointed with my referral and it was a complete waste of my time. USAA needs to seriously vet the dealerships they refer customers to. I was not given a fair shake at that establishment.


Crossfitcop90, I'm sorry to hear about your recent car buying experiencing. I want the car buying process to be as easy as possible for all our members. . I have shared your experience with a colleague and we will review. Please let us know if there is ever anything in the future we can help with. - Janay