I signed up for the car buying service, which requires a phone number. Living overseas I was promptly hounded by three sales people which began their barrage of calls at 2am my time. I have contacted USAA about either changing the required phone field to optional OR add a time zone field. The USAA office then contacted the three dealers and advised them to stop calling my VoIP number. Since then I have repeated received email messages from several levels of sales staff , from the three dealers, informational messages, surveys and just plain old annoying junk mail. At this point I have not purchased that new car and won't from the dealers I have heard from. I ask USAA to please make adjustments to this service, basically our contact details are being sold. This puts us at the mercy of very aggressive sales tactics and I do not feel any information provided by this service has helped in the buying process. Cheers! Lisa PS - Good luck to ya! Hope you have a better experience!



Thank you for providing this feedback. I am sorry the service has not helped you in your car buying endeavors. I will pass along your suggestions about a time zone selection option (great idea) and you experience to the car buying service team.


Thanks again!