We needed to replace our car that was totaled, so we went on the USAA car buying service and searched in the state of Florida. We found the best price at a couple dealers that were 4 hours away from us, so we called the dealer and checked that they would honor the price. They said they would, so we drove there. When we were ready to sign the deal, they presented an offer with several thousand dollars in extra dealer added options. When we said we didn't want all the options, they said no problem they could get a car from the factory. We gave a $2,000 deposit. After waiting most of the next day to hear from them, we called to find out that they would need until the end of the month and possibly longer to get the car we wanted. The whole thing was completely frustrating after calling to check and then driving 4 hours each way. We ended up paying more than the guaranteed USAA price and buying the car locally. We were very disappointed with our experience trying to use the car buying service.


Marlou. This is disappointing to hear and certainly not the type of service we expect you to have. I have shared your comments to our partners. Feedback is important to us as it helps us identify areas of opportunity and improvement. I appreciate you taking the time to post your experience with using our Car Buying Service. - Ben