We bought a new RAM from University CDJR in Florence, AL last October. We identified ourselves as USAA members and the dealer did not inform us at any time during the process that they were a USAA. Certified dsaler. We paid $60,000. A week later we met a USAA member who bought the identical truck at another University location. When he presented his USAA card, they immediately offered him the USAA price, more than $10,000 less than we paid. We complained to our dealer and said we were required to SAY we are USAA members, not just shiw the card. The sales manager agreed that we should have bought from the other University location! The dealer had no signs identifying affiliation with USAA AND NEVER MENTIONED THEY WERE A USAA CERTIED DEALER DURING THE SALES PROCESS. We told USAA and they said there's nothing they can do. USAA SHOULD DECERTIFY THE ENTIRE UNIVERSITY DEALERSGIP CHAIN IF UNIVERSITY DOES NOT REFUND US THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE USAA PRICE AND WHAT WE PAID!


I think that you should be refunded the difference, And a apology for not honoring the USAA discount.

Gary Simpson,


Thank you for posting your experience in the Community. The Car Buying Service works by offering referrals to local dealers based off of specific automobiles you are looking for. The service does not just offer lower prices to USAA members, it is based on a referral service from USAA to certified dealers. We understand this matter is important to you. Your concerns will be shared with our Member Feedback Teams.

The USAA Car Buying Service is the same as TrueCar I believe.   USAA doesn't regulate the dealers or decide which dealers are included/excluded. 


It sucks you got overcharged, but car dealers are out to sell the cars for as much as possible, it is our responsibility to get all the discounts and negotiate the best price you can. 


I never ask other people what they paid  for their cars, especially if it is the same car I have because it will probably annoy me because they got a better price.