Car buying service bait and switch Paul Conte Chevy

I would like to relay my experience and warning to others. I went on teh car buying service nad found a car at Paul Conte Chevy in Freeport, NY. Since we live 3 hours north of the dealership I decided to call and see if the car was still available and discuss the USAA sevice. I was transfer to the used car manager and he confirmed the car and price I was looking at on the USAA website. I then told him I would preint out my price protection certificate and dealer instructions for USAA to come see the car. He replied that the price he quoted was only available if I used their inhouse financing service through one of thier banks. I asked if USAA was one of said banks and informed him that would only use USAA. He said he would ask the business department adn call me back. He called back 10 minutes later and said USAA was not a bank they used and I would not be able to use the price protection or get that price if I wanted to finance through them. He then went on a 10 minute long high pressure sale of his in house loan program including all the free things he would offer if I went with his programs (6 yrs warranty, 5 yrs free servicing, 5 yrs road side assistance, and on and on.) I told him no thans and that I would only use USAA so he then informed me I could still use USAA but they did not do any service with them and I would need to work it out with them and bring a check oh and the price for the car was 20% more. This is a blantant bait and swith so I called and spoke to USAA and filed a complaint. I found out that once you tell them that you are USAA and using this service they are under contract not to even offer you financing through them unless you ask first. It is a violation of the contract they sign to be part of this volunary program. If it happens to you I ask you do what I did and file a claim to get rid of these dealers that want to bring in good service members and then basically push them away from USAA and to their own finance programs.



Thank you for your post.  I regret hearing you had difficulty with a dealership who is part of our car buying service.   We would like to research this further;  I have notified a business expert  who will review your concerns in closer detail then contact you.  

I already have spoke to the internet sales group and they filed a claim for review and I will be getting a follow up within 3 business days.



Thank you and glad to hear our team is taking care of you. 

I recently purchased an used vehicle myself, complete opposite situation as far as financing and pricing.

Chevy dealer had listed at a certain price, u was interested and started paperwork. I was sitting there waiting on approvals and decided to see if the truck was on auto circle. Sitting pretty at almost 3500 cheaper. Showed salesman the price, he then spoke with his manager. Without a flinch, he said I could have at that price, and I also did in house financing at a good rate actually, plus a trade in on a 09 chevy truck.

Now where they got me... I didn't get mil discount, or additional 2500 for trading in a chevy for a chevy. Long story short... things sometimes happen for a reason!!

I have a battle buddy in Dallas, that sells for Chevy, on average military personnel can save up to 12-15k on a new vehicle thru GM / Chevy.


Thanks for your post in Community.  We appreciate you sharing your personal experience using USAA's auto circle with our members. I'm glad to hear you saved some money and hope you are enjoying your new ride!

Btenant as a gm employee, most dealerships do not offer additional discounts on used cars. But you are accurate on the new cars.