Does the USAA Car Buying Service work?  The answer is, sometimes.  Largely depends on the integrity of the car dealership.  Recently my wife and I used the car buying service to purchase a 2015 Honda Odyssey.  Three dealerships responded to our request.  Based on price, we selected Honda of Hilton Head.  I called, spoke to a sales rep. and scheduled a 11:00AM appointment for the following day.  We drove from Edisto Island to Hilton Head; no short distance, arrived promptly at 11:00AM and were told the sales rep. had taken the day off. That was OK, since she had left my information with her fellow sales rep.  Her "stand-in"' sales rep. informed me that the Odyssey was not on the lot, nor was it  listed as "inbound", on his computer listing.  Very strange, since "Ali" had quoted me a price and told me that the Odyssey was on the lot.     

My wife and I returned home and contacted Stokes Honda of North Charleston.  That same day we drove to North Charleston and completed the deal on our new Odyssey.  Stokes Honda was outstanding and the USAA car buying service worked flawlessly.  Whoever certifies car dealerships, that advertise the USSA car buying service benefit, should de-certify Honda of Hilton Head.  USAA Board of Directors, take a look at this program.  Does it measure-up yo your high standards?


I had a not so pleasant buying also this weekend also using the buying service. I have contacted TrueCar, but I would also like to know of somebody at USAA to contact. I will be even more upset if through the dealer I was referred to didn't do what they needed and I don't get the additional 0.5% rate discount. I did everything on my end the dealer was completely incopetent and I have no faith they will do as they are supposed to.

Warren W,

I am so sorry you had a bad experience with a TrueCar recommended dealership. Could you please send us details here about the dealership and your situation? Thank you!

Ranger 11-75,

Thank you for sharing your TrueCar buying experience. I have passed your feedback up the chain about Honda of Hilton Head (I can only imagine how frustrating it was to drive all that way and the car you wanted was not there!)


You can send an additional message to us here about your experience if you would like. Again thank you again for taking the time to review the dealerships you worked with.