Get on the mobile app - so I don't have to spend 1 hour giving all my secuirty information repeated through an protect my security.


No option for just come jump my car.  I have to have it towed - options - Parts stores.  Im a girl for Heaven's sake.  If its towed anywhere - how about a Ford dealership????  Map just shows "dots" - you have to drill into each one to see "Autozone".  Which is one mile from the Ford dealership - no dot.


Really?  How about options designed for someone who actually needs it to communicate effectively?  Now I have to get an Relay cal - and give all my security information, hints, id#s to an unidentified 3rd party to give to USAA - so USAA can protect my security!!!!




Oh no!  Hope you were able to get assistance already in getting your car started again.  USAA's roadside assistance does cover labor for jump starts at the site of breakdown, hope you were able to utilize this service to get you back on the road.  I certainly understand your concerns and will be forwarding your experience to the appropriate area for further review.  Thank you for sharing and trusting USAA with your insurance needs. 

Not yet.  I have to pull up two computers and have all my confidential information available to give to the interpreter so USAA people will actually "acknowledge" me.


My favorite question - what car do you have insured with USAA.  5 minutes later, do you have auto insurance through USAA.......really?  The interperter sent me a private message (you can't make this stuff up).




Thank you for getting back to us and sharing your feedback with me.  You may still complete your claim via mobile app so that you may get your battery jumped and vehicle started to drive to the nearest parts store.  That is if needing a new battery, of course.  I understand your confusion with the asked questions and can certainly forward your feedback to them.  When submitting the claim online, please add as much information, so the representative will know exactly what is happening and to understand your situation.  There is a box to allow you to enter the information, but it may be limited on characters.  After they respond, there should be an option to communicate back and forth through a written channel.  If you happened to experience an issue, please don't hesitate to reach back out to us.   I appreciate you sharing your experience and hope to hear you are back on the road again quickly.  ~ Marco

Good luck with anything to do with roadside assistance.

I was promised a refund by "mike" - you think that ever happened, oh h.... no"

@Deafnotdumb, can you clarify who Mike is? - Ina 

I recently had issues having my car towed. I was charged for towing even though I pay for coverage. I am disputing with the better business bureau. I am a special education teacher - if you are deaf and not being provided with the approprite services to meet your needs of communcation I would highly suggest making a complaint with USAA and BBB. 

I would highly suggest shopping around.  You will find better insurance rates and better customer service than what USAA offers..