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I was in a car accident on May 25th, 2018, since the first time we spoke to USAA it has been a complete nightmare. The agents have ignored us, lied to us, and been very rude and unprofessional. Now the accident has been ruled not my fault which was a fight to get the agents to finally do their job and realize that. I was promised by 4 different agents that if the accident was ruled not my fault I would get the deductible back. I was never once told there was a possibility I wouldn't get it back. Now they have suddenly changed their minds and refuse to give it to me. I demand my money, who do I need to talk to get it back? I will go to the very top of this company or get a lawyer if I need to. The agents I have spoken to are Ashley XXXX, Alejandro XXXX, Thomasina XXXX, and Gregory XXXX. I would like it noted in all of their files that they lie. I want my money they all promised me. 

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If that is the case that you can't get your deductible back after being found not at fault then that seals the deal of me leaving USAA. They already have higher quotes than everybody else almost so why stick with them if they do this?


My wife was involved in an accident a couple years ago that wasn't her fault and we paid the deductible with Nationwide and finally got it back 9 months later after the other insurance agrees that it was the other driver's fault. 

Yeah it's a giant mess, I emailed the CEO this morning hoping that will get their attention. We're definitely going to be looking into a different insurance company.

They always try to get you to pay the deductible up front.  Sometimes finding fault does take a while but the insurance companies will collect it if they can.  Trying to get your money back afterward can be a fight, I haven't experienced that, I waited till they finalized who was at fault before I was to pay anything.

We weren't given a choice, they took the deductible out of the claim payment they gave us and promised we would get it back as soon as they found me not at fault.