Can someone recommend a reliable car transport service?
From Raleigh, NC to Twentynine Palms, CA


I am also looking for a recommendation for a reliable vehicle transport company.  We're shipping a vehicle from Jacksonville, FL to Lincoln, NE.  I was hoping USAA had some relationships in this area. 

I have just spent the weekend trying to get my son's car from Los Angeles to Florida and got quite the education on the car transport service. I replied to one of those general internet links when I searched for car transport and of course got dozens of emails and calls. So naturally I selected the one with the cheapest price. Mistake. I finally talked with one guy who explained how it worked. I was talking to brokers not direct haulers. They put my request in a database and haulers pick the cars they want based on cost. Well the guy I booked with and gave a $150 deposit was the cheapest at $700 but the average cost to get a car from LA to Florida is $900 so no haulers wanted to take my car. So I finally found a qoute in the $900 range and my car was picked up in two days. It is still in transport but if you still need the service try Remeber cheapest isn't always best.

I received my vehicle last night. No Problems. I Recommend

Thanks for the recommendation.  I spoke with them on the phone and they are professional and rate seems good.  I also like that the email I received from the representative matched their website.  Also, that they don't accept payment until the vehicle is delivered.  No down payment.

Does anyone suggest a good Car Transport company?

I need to ship a car from California to Texas...what company do you reccomend?

Bailey102, while we appreciate your trust in our recommendations, we do not have the ability to recommend a transport company as we are not affiliated with any.  Thank you, JM.

Moving from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR. Looking for a decent shipping company to ship a car from a dealership to our house.

Hello @SkyLives2Sail. I do appreciate you reaching out to us today, however we do not have the ability to recommend any car transportation services. -Emily