So Cal 33
I have been a Usaa member for years, and have been quite satisfied with everything up until today. I was called, and told by a field appraiser today that my vehicle was a total loss. My vehicle is financed, and insured by Usaa. I have always maintained car replacement assistance on all of my main vehicles. The field appraiser said he didn’t see CRA insurance on my car but said he could be wrong, so to call Usaa’s insurance dept. to get clarification. Once I contacted the car insurance department I explained that my car was a total loss, and wanted to make sure my car replacement insurance was fine. I was told that it was added to my policy but was removed when I changed my deductible amount, and removed rental insurance on a separate vehicle I own. I never told anyone to remove Car replacement assistance from my primary car which of course has value. The representative said the would put in a dispute for me, and would be contacted by another department. I recently received a phone call from the dispute department and the representative said that I have to prove that Usaa made an error in removing my CRA. I said listen to the recorded phone conversation. She said they don’t have the conversation recorded saying that I wanted it removed. Which they wouldn’t anyway because I never asked for it to be removed. This was in fact a Usaa employee error. However she said because they can’t review that phone call she can’t say there was an error. I said look at my past car insurance history. I’ve always had CRA on all of my main vehicles insured by Usaa. Mainly my 08 Corvette that was unfortunately totaled, and the vehicle I replaced it with an 07 Mercedes S550 which is the car I am talking about now. I am so frustrated, disappointed, and upset. They can’t prove that they didn’t make an error but yet fault falls on me for the removal that I never asked for. They will pay $11,900 after my $1,000 deductible for my vehicle. I current owe around $14,800 on my Usaa car loan. If they wouldn’t have messed up and removed the CRA from my policy I’m guessing the 20% would have gave an extra $2,500 or so which in total would be $14,400 leaving me with only $400 or so to pay off the loan, and purchase another vehicle. However because they do not want to acknowledge their error, and have no phone call conversation of me asking for it to be removed. They still want to put me in the hole and end up being upside down owing them $2,900. This is so wrong on all levels. The dispute representative told me there is no one else I can talk to in resolving this matter. I’m a 100% disabled Veteran, and feel disrespected in so many ways by the handling of this. Any advice would be highly appreciated. God Bless,


Hi @So Cal 33, I can certainly understand your frustration with the lack of coverage on the policy and I can see that we have taken the appropriate steps at this time in escalating your concerns. Once the review is complete, you will be contact by the claims adjuster with their findings. If at that time, you still have concerns about the review, please let us know and we can escalate your concerns further. Thank you.