I am so sorry you don’t with that I am currently dealing with the same exact thing this happened weeks ago this car accident and I have yet to speak with the guy that is supposedly over my insurance claim and quite frankly I have never been in an auto accident so I don’t know what the heck I’m doing and I have not spoke with one person everything that I am doing I have had to do on my own and find out on my own and I have read every single page of my policy and the things that they want sent in our virtually impossible to get and they know that Well we’re already put out and behind and going with out they want us to just lose a little bit more

@Boymom0601, I'm sorry to hear of your recent accident. I have shared your situation with a claims representative. They will review what is going and will reach out to you as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience as we take a closer look. - Janay

I am going through the exact same situation right now. The policy does not make any since, if the only benificiary is the GAP insurance company. This does not help me replace the car in any way whatsoever. It turns out to be extra insurance payments I made on the behalf of the GAP company. I am currently looking into filing the claim with the at fault parties insurance company. I truly do not understand why I would pay a higher premium for a benefit that goes to another party. That does not help me in any way whatsoever. 

I completely agree I’m currently going through the same exact thing my auto insurance claim representative has not reached out to me not even the first time I can’t ever Seem to get a hold of anyone at this point I seriously have out of pocket paid $278 for a rental car absolutely seem to get a hold of anyone at this point I seriously have paid $278 out of pocket for a rental car absolutely none of my medical bills have been paid, my car was a total loss I was injured in the accident therefore I had to stay out of work nowhere in this policy does it say that her doctor has to say that you half to be out from this day to this day after a car accident in order to get any form of wage loss benefits especially when I’m paying for additional wage loss benefits and personal injury protection. On top of that I know for a fact that I was required to have gap coverage for my vehicle and suddenly when I need it USAA all of a sudden says that I don’t have it The medical claim representative that I have been speaking with only wants me to jump through 10 billion hoops and hope that he doesn’t have to pay any of the medical bills and then have them sent to some auditor and this and that and do nothing but waste a bunch of time so first the issue was that I couldn’t get to work because of medical injuries resulting from the auto accident and now I’m not gonna be able to get to work because I can’t keep affording this rental car it’s all a joke

Yes, sorry to hear about your issues ma'am! I am currently dealing with the same sort of issues with USAA. I will be reaching out to some wider organizations about my issues and will explain to them more about what folks like you have gone through. Best of luck!

Any luck?

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Has anyone had any luck getting this issue resolved?  I'm currently having the same issue and to say that I've been with USAA for my entire military career and well into retirement this is truly sad.  I have been transferred so many times and have received so many different answers.  USAA really needs to relook there training outline and update the policies.  My total loss representative, bless his heart has tried to assist me the best way he can, but I lack the confidence that he knows what he is doing.


Now you’re telling me that everything that I have paid for is to cover USAA.

I was paying for car replacement assistance and USAA is taking that to put towards my loan.

I purchased the GAP (Total loss insurance through USAA in 2016) that amount goes to pay off my car.

This is looking to be very unethical business practice from USAA, now I guess the way to correct this issue USAA has done away with GAP.

The claim to be for the Soldiers, however we are now forced to fight with them for what is right.  I will be filing a report with teh BBB and I will provide you all with an update as soon as I hear something.



@True Aries, Thank you for taking the time to post your experience regarding Car Replacement Assistance. I will engage a subject matter expert to review your situation further. We will follow up with you. - Ben