I simply do not know what has happened to the agreements that USAA has with Budget, Avis, Enterprise and Hertz.  The last few times I have used USAA's discounting, it was atrocious.  I would be given an amount, only to find out when I get to the rental counter that there's "this" fee and "that" fee added on to the contract.  That $250 car rental nearly escalates to a $350 rental and USAA should know better.  I rented a mid-sized car from Budget while on a 1 week trip to Houston, TX.  Once at the counter, Budget charged me $65 extra to add another driver!  Avis and Budget are the same company, and unless something has changed, Avis does not do this.


On another note, it is insulting to view the rental prices on the Avis web site for USAA members.  The rates are astronomically high compared to Hertz for the same like vehicle.


I think I will be looking to my other member benefits from other banking institutions for discounts.  USAA, you need to get your act together.  You are supposed to set the example and take care of your military personnel, not demonstrate how you use shady companies with hidden fees.  Thumbs down USAA, NOT GOOD!


Dear MrEd72,

We appreciate your feedback and comments on the car rental discounts. I have escalated your feedback to the appropriate department for review and look forward to your continued participation in the community!

I noticed that the places Usaa recomended for Window glass repair were HUNDREDS higher than when I shopped around on my own also. It was no discount. They wanted a fee to come out that was also higher. I am glad i did not go with them. I also feel that when reccomending some outside source, USAA should make sure its not so over priced and we are actually saving. It is bad for the USAA reputation to Reccomend a place that is overpriced.
I have also noticed higher rates with both car rentals and windshield replacement. I have several options for discounts (from AAA to discounts through work) and USAA rates are usually higher. It feels like I'm being punished not receiving a benefit.

Years ago when I had a windshield replaced ( through Safelight I believe) via USAA's discount, afterward I noticed the garage across the street had a windshield replacement sign on the door. Out of curiosity I went over and asked the guy what it would have cost if I had gone through him. He kept flipping through his books and finally told me there was no way he could have matched that price. Now THAT was the USAA of old. How is it now that a company so large has 'benefits' which cost much more than benefits from companies a fraction of their size?

Similarly I know that the money you get back using Mover's Advantage is a percentage of what USAA gets from the realtor when you use the service. I wonder if the rates for car rentals and windshield repair are higher because USAA gets a fee/kickback when members use the service.

If you pass this question along just post the answer in the community. I don't mind if USAA gets a fee as long as the service doesn't cost us more.


Thank you for your feedback Anonymissy and taspole,

Where is your response USAA? The above comments/messages and other posts re:rentals on the USAA site concern me. How are you or have you dealt with the above messages? My AAA / AARP memberships in comparison look more more attractive.