We have saved up about $10,000 as a down payment towards a new car. I am looking at a Camry XSE for around $22,000. However, our current car is acting up again and  we really need two cars. I'm not sure what is the best financial move here - buy one and pay it off as fast as possible hoping our current car lasts. Or trade it in and get two new cars? After dealing with the car we have now, neither of us trusts buying a used car unless it had a stellar warranty! 


Would you be willing to go a little smaller and get a Corolla? The payments maybe smaller and you can pay it off more quickly and then get your Camry later as a replacement for the second car.


I think this is what I would do in your place. I do not know the specifics of your personal life but I had a Corolla for 10 years and only had to do one brake job and replace the tires and do oil change and general maintenance. It gets great gas mileage. Your payments would be manageable enabling you to save for the upgraded better car later.

Take a look at a Hyundia.  You can't beat their warranty!



For 10k you can get two reliable used cars and have no payments.