Car Loan

So I have auto loan with USAA, and my said vehicle was broken into. They forced open my sunroof and now it will not operate, the repair shop closed it, but the insurance put it as wear and tear, the cost of it will literally make it to the amount I started on my loan,
So fix it and pay about what half my loan is of the vehicle or trade it in, I was going refinance but I can’t afford fix the sunroof and It a 2015 so think I may only have the option of trading it in, not sure any other ways to deal with this, could use some input on what else is available
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Thank you for your membership with USAA @Ares69 and I am saddened to read about your vehicle being broken into.  I was able to reply to your post in a private message and when you have a moment, please check your inbox for correspondence sent.  ~Marco