Does Co-signer have to be USAA Member?


Great question, @MikeyK84! I will forward your inquiry to a loan specialist for further assistance. ~ Samantha

Hi @MikeyK84. Yes, the co-signer must have a USAA membership number. If they are not already members, you can add them to your family list by either contact us at 210-531-8722, or clicking your name, select Profiles & Preferences, then clicking the EDIT button next to Friends & Family option. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. - Cathleen

How long does a refinance loan take to fund to previous institution after docs signed?

@MikeyK84, thanks for reaching out about a car refinance loan. I have shared your posts with our loan department. Currently, there are no loan specialists available to address your concern. We will reach out to you as soon as a specialist becomes available. Thank you for your understanding. Tricia

@MikeyK84, The funding process can take 1-2 days from the application date. A loan check is then sent to the current lender. ~DC