I am wondering whether other USAA members have experienced issues with loan applications at USAA. My story is that I applied for a car loan at USAA while at the dealership picking up our new vehicle. Unfortunately they could not approve the loan on the spot (my bad ... I should have done this in advance). The loan was eventually approved a few days later however the dealer was able to match the loan/rate offer from USAA on the spot so we proceeded with them. Once the USAA loan was approved, I was considering using it to pay out the loan from the dealership. I would prefer to have the loan with USAA as this is where I do all my banking. When I contacted them to do this they said this would require a new loan application. While processing this loan application they requested income verification. I could not provide the info immediately as i was out of town on vacation. This request frustrated me as they had already approved me for the loan without the income verification only a week prior. They also had done an income verification in the last year for a previous loan application (which I also decided to decline due to the length of time to process). In the end I decided to keep the loan with the dealership's financial institution. It is unfortunate that USAA continues to make it difficult to business with them. I am wondering whether others have had similar experiences with loan applications at USAA.



Thank you for taking the time to share your loan experience. I have passed along your feedback to the loan department but we would also like to get someone in contact with you to get more details on how we could have handled this situation better. If you wouldn't mind, could you please fill out this form and be sure to include the best way to contact you? Thanks again for commenting.