I deferred my auto loan back in April ONLY because when I called and spoke w USAA they assured me that if I did, because of Covid & the Cares Act my credit would absolutely not be affected.  I had just received my pre-approval based on my credit score at the time and was in the process of putting an offer on my first house.  Literally within the following week my score dropped 50 points and NOTHING else changed that would have caused that - if anything I've been so particular about all of my financials it should have increased!  I submitted a credit dispute form via USAA and was told that it would take 30 DAYS to get a response back from them on the situation.  Meanwhile, now my score has dropped too low for me to apply for a mortgage and expect a decent rate and the house I was going to put an offer on has now since gone under contract.  I've been told that this has apparently happened to many people due to their banks filing the deferrals as opposed to following the guidelines of the Cares Act which was to NOT report deferrals to credit and simply report that payments were not missed.  This is really screwing up my life right now and on the verge of getting an attorney's assistance.  An entire month just to get a response from USAA is absurd considering the situation in my opinion - thoughts or any other people out there than can relate?



I am very sorry to hear of this @BellaBoo-1. I understand the importance of your credit score. I have forwarded your feedback regarding this for further review. -Colleen