I have been a member of USAA for years. I can’t believe how much their insurance rates have jumped! They used to be the best in the business! I just checked my rates with other companies, and with everyone they cut my rates to half what I pay with USAA! I also have homeowners with them, which supposedly helps my rates. I think I’m going to switch both my products after years with them. Others have the same experience?


@Bulldog1978 thank you for your membership and for sharing your concerns about your rates. I understand it can be frustrating to see an increase. The last thing we want is to lose your business and would love a chance to take a look at all options with you. A rate cut in half sounds great and I can understand why you would consider that. As you are shopping, it is important to also make sure the contract is the same as not all carriers write the same type of insurance contract, even though the coverage appears the same on the face of it. This is especially true for homeowners policies. When you are ready we would like to review with you, and if you have the quotes from the other providers we can compare the contract as well. I hope we will get that opportunity. Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you in the meantime. -Meredith

I left USAA after 40 years for a SUBSTANTIAL savings for better coverage with lower deductibles and way better customer service.  As you have experienced, USAA is not the company it once was.  What has happened to USAA is a disgrace.

@BullDog1978, Long time member myself. Don't let the USAA CSR's response deter you from looking elsewhere. Yes, it's always important to read and understand your coverage--and yes--not all carriers are the same. I'm sure you already knew that. You might want to review USAA's record for paying out claims for both auto & homeowners. As you can see from the community website, there are plenty of unhappy members out there who have been left out in the wind to fend for themselves--or just thrown over the cliff (unexpected policy terminations, etc.).  If you visit BBB and Consumer Affairs, the number of disappointed customers grows even more. There's one USAA commercial that shows a a member outside after a rainstorm hits his house, and the ad says that USAA reached out to him before he could even inspect the damage (Made for Martin). I think a lot of members would have some opinions about it. Just Google "USAA denied claim." Sure, the CSRs are always available to review your policies. I wouldn't waste my time giving them quotes from other carriers. They'll pick them apart (that's their job) and remind you of their "world-class service," and quote a few lines their in their customer retention playbook to discourage you from looking elsewhere or leaving. That happened to me when I closed all my banking/investment products with them a couple yours ago. While the entire experience left a bad taste in my mouth--it took less than a day to get over it. The only way to reduce your premium is to seriously increase your deductibles, remove options or find another carrier. I may be following you out the door next year. I already have high deductibles on both my policies. My auto policy has already been gutted out (no rental, glass breakage, PIP, etc) to try and keep costs under control. The only thing remaining would be to just have liability insurance only--which I'm not considering at the moment. Good luck and keep us posted.


To USAA CSRs: No need to contact me about my comment. Thx.