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I have been a USAA loyal member for over 30 years. I have veh/home/-investment services with USAA. MY children are USAA members. My son just informed me his car insurance was substantially increased (no claims or tickets) He obtained auto quotes from several other major companies (no fly by nighters) The quotes were almost half of his USAA same coverage. I had my doubts. I requested several quotes from these companies and its was true. My USAA auto insurance (2 vehs) premium (6 mo) was double from these other major companies. WHat's happening.? YOu can only be loyal if it's recipicated by the other party.

What a disappointment and shock

Ron A



Hello @R, I regret that yours & your son's rate has increased as there have been rate changes in most locations due to losses in some areas.  Our rates are based on the probability of future losses and risks have changed statewide causing rates to change.  I'd like to go over and review your policy for additional savings and review the competitors quotes for any gaps by sending me a Private Message.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.  ~ Marco

USAA pays out on claims and the quotes you receive are based on the liability in your particular pool of individuals, it is not based on your claims or record alone. This is how all auto insurers operate and it may be that USAA has a higher rate of high risk drivers than these other insurance companies. I would just move on to the other companies until USAA gets back in line with their rates.

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