In the last year my car insurance has gone up 4 times.  I called Florida Car Insurance customer service. I was told that Florida car insurannce requirements go up once a year. In 3 months mine with USAA has gone up 3 times.  I believe USAA is screwing it's customers. I have had nothing but grief over car insurance.  I wanted to lower my coverage. I was given a really good quote but could not get anyone to initiate it.  After a third attemp the quote went through the ceiling. USAA car insurance is a scam out to steal from it's insured.  When I first joined USAA in the 1970 USAA was wonderful. Those days are gone. Now it's sole goal it to steal from it's members via car insurance. I am hunting for cafr insuurance and as soon as I find a decent policy it'll be FU- USAA


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I had the same issues. Up, Up, Up. With 3 cars and 5 drivers USAA had me up to $8,000 a year. No accidents or tickets. Out of loyalty I didn’t shop around until a friend told me of GEICO. I am now only paying $4,000 a year and saving $4,000 a year. Incredible savings that I couldn’t believe were real until I got the policy. Making a big difference for me financially. Plus I am actually getting a little better coverage. I am trying to spread the word because I think it’s outrageous I was paying so much more for years.