joe thomas

A few month ago, i whent on the USAA app to pay for the car insurance policy. The app did not allow me to pay, so I end up calling the * numbers. They told me that they did not received the car insurance payment for several months, pretty much I / my wife was  driving ours car without insurance coverage. I told them that I has set up the auto pay, and that payment should have been taken out every month. For what ever the mixup was, I end up back paying them for the past payment that was due and than some, event those they did not cover me. Just for that, they raise my insurance premeum double from what I was already paying them witch was pretty high rate for my age of over 50 without any accident. It whent from over $ * to over $ * per year, I could drive a half million dollars car for that rate. Two month later I found another insurance company with much lower rate, so I call USAA to cancel my policy, so that is what I though, simple right? not exactly, they charge me again before I can closed the account. By far this USAA car insurance company is the trashy insurance co, I have ever had to deal with in my entire life. They even threatning me if I don't pay them by sending my new insurance Co with the gap window, so that the new insurance company would charge me at the higher rate. I would not recommend anyone to seek insurance/ anything to do with USAA. I'm a retired U.S Army soldiers, and I don't think they are serving me or any ex military fairly what so ever, buttom line, it all about the dollars for them.  


joe thomas, I have escalated your concerns for review. We'd like an opportunity to address them. Once reviewed someone will be reaching out to you to discuss further. Thank you. -Cynthia