I have a squeaky clean record, no tickets, no accidents, no claims. I have a teenage driver (been on my policy for a year now), why am I being charged $4900.00 a year for car insurance?????   This is ridiculous. Now, my policy went up another $500 a year due to a "Nevada rate adjustment"!!!

Why am I being charged more for other bad drivers?   These rates have got to be illegal, I can't believe they're getting away with this! I've been a member for 15 years and have watched rates increase over the years. I think if USAA would base it's premiums off of the previous year's USAA claims instead of the industry's future claim prediction for the state, the premiums would be more appropriate. I shouldn't have to pay more because "The General insurance" has had more claims (they have bad drivers, not my fault)... our rates should be based on USAA member claims, not other insurance company claims!
I hate to leave USAA, but my 15 years as a customer gives me NO BENEFIT, so there is NO incentive for me to remain with USAA. I know all Insurance carriers here in NV are expensive, but I'll be shopping around, I'm sure I can find something better!


@bm72, thank you for having a great driving record and sharing that experience with your teenage driver.  Your 15 years of membership is truly appreciated and hate to see you leave due to the rate concerns your are seeing on your policy.  I definitely get the frustrations of paying a high premium when adding a teenager to the policy.  I truly know, I had one on my policy as she was starting to learn to drive.  I have forwarded your situation to the appropriate area to further review your experience.  `Marco

USAA's review will result in nothing changing.  In order for your rate to be lowered, you will have to lower your insurance coverage.  No one at USAA can override the computer.  The best thing to do is shop around.  You might be surprised at what you find.

Insurance is generally automatically renewed, you can ask for a re-rating (rather than a renewal) and that may lower your premium, there is a chance it may also raise your premium so be prepared for that. 

I'd have an independent agent (one who represents many companies - as opposed to a captive agent that only sells one company's products) shop it around to see what the best deal is.    You can find a local independent agent at trustedchoice.com (trusted choice is their slogan).