As a long time member, I would like to request, USAA inquires about locating and starting a car camera partnership with a quality manufacturer then offer aftermarket cameras and install at a discount with select partners for USAA Car insurance members. 


My Story: USAA Sided with me fully. The other person lied.. a lot! About the location, what had occurred and more. This ended up going to a panel and they split it 50/50. Even though USAA covered me fully and sided with me, I'm still upset that guy got away 50/50. The company took the bullet for me and I'm honored but I can't help thinking about if I had a dash cam that showed I had full control of the lane, the location, and what really happened. 


After my car was fixed up, I looked for aftermarket cameras for front and back but these systems can cost a lot of money, plus install. This service would save USAA more money than it would cost in the long run while protecting your customers

Thank you for taking the time to review my feedback. You have an amazing holiday season, make sure to drive or walk around to look at the lights! It goes by to fast! 


Thank you for reading my feedback! Keep up the great work! 


Hi @SeeonX, thanks for taking the time to post your feedback. Since we're continually looking for ways to improve, I'm sharing your comments with the appropriate area for review and consideration. I hope you have a great evening. -Paula