Car Insurance Card Does Not List My Spouse's Name

Every month me and my spouse pay for insurance for both our cars. For whatever reason however, the printable cards you put in your vehicle list his name and mine on my car, but only my name on his car. It's weird because I know that his car is also insured and his name is included because before I print the cards, it lists his name and mine together to select next to his car's name. Is he not actually insured under his own car? I'm worried to the cards that only list my name in his car and then if he got into an accident, find out that they won't cover him because his name isn't on it.

How would I even go about getting a card with his name on it?


@MadeleineDebois, I can certainly understand this causing concern. The ID cards usually print with the names of the registered owner(s), but this can vary by state. I am submitting a request to have a copy of the cards emailed to you with both names listed. Hope this helps :) Please let me know if you have any additional questions! ~Danielle