My fiance and I signed up for car insurance with USAA at the end of January since I had their auto insurance several years ago and they had much better rates with the recent Nevada minimum insurance increase and I liked the ease of having our banking and auto insurance all in the same place. I signed up for the insurance online without an insurance agent. I was given the option of paying nothing in January and having a higher monthly payment or paying a downpayment and having 6 payments of $210.34 (Premium $1262.04 divided by 6 = $210.34), I opted to pay the downpayment to avoid a higher monthly payment. I did not get billed in February which I assumed was because it was part of the downpayment. I get the insurance bill in March and they are only charging me $42.06, so I contacted them to see why I was paying so little. Customer service agent tells me I have a credit on my account, but can't tell me why. I explain to him that I really need to make sure this isn't going to make my insurance payment higher next month but he can't tell me anything beside the fact that I have a credit. So now I have received my April insurance bill and low and behold its gone up to $252.40, now I know it's not a huge increase but my fiance and I are on a very tight budget so we count every penny. I contact USAA and am told that they did not have time to split my bill into 6 payments and the insurance agent should have told me sometimes they split the premium into 5 payments instead (usually when you do not pay the downpayment)...well I signed up online and no where did it (at least obviously) explain that this could happen. I escalted my issue to a manager since this increase will more than likely overdraw my bank account. She also gives me the excuse that if they get a lot of tickets sometimes they don't have time to get to creating my 6 insurance payments, and the only solution she can give me is to put me on a payment plan so I can pay a smaller amount twice a month. It was a nice offer but I only get paid once a month so having it split up on multiple payments doesn't help me. She had absolutly no other resolution and had an attitude as did her customer service agent. I paid my deposit to avoid this exact situation and I contacted USAA when I was pretty sure they had messed something up only to be told not to worry about it. Now I am the one stuck paying more money each month becuase "they are too busy" to correctly set up my account. I am seriously considering cancelling my insurance with USAA especially since we ended up with worse gap coverage than we preiviously had with our former insurance company and I may just close all my accounts with USAA if they cannot come up with a solution to their abismal customer service. 


@Bookgirlnv, I can understand your frustration after making the down payment to avoid a larger monthly amount due, only to have that happen. I have escalated your situation for further review. Once reviewed someone will be in contact with you to discuss further. Thanks for reaching out in Community. -Cynthia

Try Geico for rates, sad to hear this. Best of luck in your search.