Jim and Teri

The  Chairman and Board of Directors;

I have been a member of USAA for 44 years, and just today, was informed that I have been in arrears for my auto insurance for 3 months, because of an automation errror that credited a payment of Homeowers escrow to my auto insurance account.  i recently refinaced my home, and, your automation processes sent the escrow payment of the old homeowners insurance to the wrong account.  regardless of the title company's to properly identify this payment, I was never notified of the mixup, and the subsequent lapse of auto insurance payments.  As retired officers, you may understand my upsetment, and, even though the staff was very helpful and appologetic, cold do nothing to reverse the error your automation processes caused.  i invite you to thoroughly review your programs, to avoid this from happening to someone else, although, through blog review, you don't seem interested in correction.

I am so deeply disappointed in this situation, that I am entertaining notions of ending my association with USAA, and seeking both financial products elsewhere, and the possibility of legal representation.   


@Jim and Teri, I do understand your concerns and want this to be looked over. I have forwarded your information to a Subject Matter Expert in this field. Once reviewed they will be in contact with you. Thanks! -Colleen