Car Dealership Refuse to Take USAA Dealer Funding Request


My husband and I have been USAA customers for years. Their service is by far the best I have ever experienced with a banking institution. I have recommended USAA to all my friends and family. I have gotten two cars loans with USAA, have used their credit monitoring services, have 3 vehicles insured wiht USAA and I was planning to use USAA's mortgage services when we purchase a new house. I have used their shop, finance and save car buying services before with great results. This time around though, it was a whole new experience. I am not faulting USAA for the events that transpired at the dealership, but I want to know what will be done about sending USAA customer to this dealership from now on. 
On 10/12/18 at 7 PM we went to test drive a 2015 Honda Civic that was advertised on USAA's True Car auto buying service. We printed out the guaranteed sales price certificate and headed to Annapolis with our two little ones. The sales rep, David Bibo was very knowledgeable and friendly. We already had been approved for a line of credit through USAA Financial Services and provided David with my dealer funding certificate. We were walked into the manager's office to finalize the sales price that was guaranteed through TrueCar and after some confusing back and forth in regards to the discount application, we started signing paper work. The sales manager asked David to bring in a credit application, and when the sales Manager asked me to fill it out, I told him that we chose USAA as our bank to finance the loan and we were not interested in getting our credit ran again, he then said that he HAD to run a credit application because the USAA funding dealer request was not good enough and that he wasn't about to let a $15,000 car leave his lot without him checking our credit. I told him that the financing was already secured and that I would not allow for a credit check to be done again. He was visibly upsted then started to clear off his desk in a hurried manner and said that he would not sell us the car. So after spending an hour there we walked out. He was rude, condescending and in my opinion just wanted to run our credit in order to flip the loan to Honda and away from USAA. I left very upset and couldn't believe the type of rude and disrespectful behavior that came from this dealership.  I would like for USAA to stop recomending Honda of Annapolis to their customers, since this dealership flat out said that they WILL NOT take USAA's Dealer Funding Request unless a credit application is ran by Honda. They do not care about the customer, their service was not speedy and they are certainly not a trusted dealership. I am so dissapointed, feel very disrespected and the whole situation was just very frustrating. 


@Arod33, please accept my apologies for the less than exceptional experience you received at the Honda dealership. This is definitely not what we want for our members to go through especially when purchasing a new vehicle. Your feedback is important to us and I can assure you I will escalate your concerns to the appropriate team for further review. A follow up will be made with you regarding your experience. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. - Rhonda

This just ALMOST happened to me. Found a beatuiful vehicle that was perfect. Started the process and the salesmen attempted to tell me that he couldn't sell me the car without running my credit report, even convinced my wife and sister that this was "LAW." Knowing better I pushed back and upset  my wife and sister. Low and behold (as of 1504 PST on 12-27-2018) he is scheduling delivery. However, it never ceases to amaze me how they will try to take and take every bit that they can even while boldfaced lying about what is required and what's not. 


What scares me the most...those that don't know better that are being flipped to a bank of their choice instead of USAA and losing the benefits of USAA. It's a darn shame.