MGM Auto is in San Antonio, TX. As a woman shopping for a vehicle alone, I was apprehensive because of previous experiences with fast-talking salesmen. Within 10 mins, I knew this was NOT going to be a familiar experience. 

Noteworthy Points

* The dealer is a car enthusiast who not only does mechanical work but cosmetic work too. Far from a fast-talking "suit"
* I felt ZERO pressure to go out of my price range

* He tolerated w/GREAT patience 3 hrs of my questions, various test drives, and indecision.

* He was willing to fix the paint and upholstery on the car I originally came for at no extra cost. (I got the feeling he takes pride in his work and wouldn't let anything unsatifactory be associated w/ his name.)

* ZERO hesitation showing the CARFAX

I did not like the way my original interest drove, and was willing to buy option 2. (We're at about the 2nd hr & by now we had a pretty good rapport). He offered me option 3 which was out of my price range. I stood firm on my max price, as I calculated it to include TTL (tax, title, licensing). He met that price, TTL included, and USAA was on the line to confirm its worth about $2200 more. Not going to a major dealership was a gutsy move for me, but it really paid off. I suggest giving the "smaller" guys a try, and definitely MGM Auto.


Thanks for posting TSgt Ti! We are so glad you had a satisfactory car buying experience!

TSgt Ti thank you for your time and business we are always here to help