Very frustrated with USAA car buying service. Customer service horrendous. I called to ask questions on the process and the rep seemed unfamiliar with the process and not interested in being helpful. I wanted to know how to identify available cars in my city. I finally was told that I needed to show interest in a vehicle on the usaa site and wait for a response...and only then would I find out if there is a dealership near me.
At the end of the call I told the rep I would be holding on to wait to complete a customer satisfaction survey (that was offered at the start of the call). The rep would not hang up! So I just put the call on mute and waited her out - probably another 15 minutes. The total length of the call was over 40 minutes. Terrible.
I followed her instructions and now have been contacted by dealerships in DIFFERENT states even though my location was clear. This entire process is crazy. Very dissatisfying . And if I purchase a vehicle outside of this so called network, my interest rate will be .50 % percent higher. USAA used to have such great service. What happened?


Bowyer, I regret your frustration with our car buying service. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and I'm sorry that this wasn't the case. I have shared your comments regarding your experience with our team. Feedback is important to us as a means to help us identify areas of opportunity and improvement. Thank you for taking the time to post. - Ben

Thank you Ben. It’s been very frustrating. Your website lists as first steps to take is to identify make and model of car I want . So I went to local dealerships and did exactly that. Now I realize your website should say instead to identify a specific car on YOUR website first. So i wasted time locating cars in my area. And even when I resorted to trying to find similar cars on your site (the same ones aren’t there) that’s not helpful ...because even when the location shows my city or a city nearby, the dealerships are actually 3 hours away. I found this out after those faraway dealerships contacted me this morning. I have to assume there are no cars available to me in the southwest Virginia region. And again the representative was horrible and in my opinion either needs to be retrained or fired. And by the way, I didn’t even raise my voice. I should have.

Available car specifics will show on the website Bowyer if and when available.  It's discouraging to learn of you thinking to physically select the make and model of the car at the actual dealer.  Still we take your feedback very serious, and do appreciate your membership with USAA.  I am updating your recent comments for us to review and further investigate your recent contact experience.  Thanks again for your time in posting today.  Respectfully  -  Justin

I am not thinking of physically selecting the make and model ....I already DID physically select the make and model. A colossal waste of time. But I appreciate your listening to this feedback. And since posting this am I located yet another car on your website and then googled that same car (same mileage same everything) and the price is identical on the dealer website. So no cost savings. I’m going to go see the car regardless since it is the only car within my parameters in my city on your website .

Too late, you already entered your personal information into the True Car Data Base and you have damaged your negotiating leverage. see my post for details