***Word of Warning*** Make sure you "save" your vehicle through the Car Buying website!


I found and purchased a vehicle via the Car Buying Service. I wasn't aware and still do not see where it is a requirment that the vehicle be "saved" in order to get the APR discount. I went to the dealer without selecting anything on the website. I am being told "a certificate for the dealership you purchased from must be on file to be eligible for the discount."  Apparently there is no way for them to obtain the certificate after the fact. Even though it is clear that I purchased the vehicle from an approved dealer. 


I am highly disappointed in the lack of customer service, refusal to help, and hidden stipulations. This is not what I am use to when it comes to USAA. 


Sashy, I regret your disappointment. We certainly don't want to fall short in our services we provide. I've located your USAA information and will forward it along with your comments to our partners to review your situation further. Please allow sufficient time for completion of their review and they will follow up with you. Thank you. - Ben

Thank you Ben. I will await a response.