I went to Wesley Chapel Nissan today thinking it was going to be the simple experience as advertised as the USAA Car Buying Program. Instead the dealer said they wouldn't honor the price certificate and even asked me to demonstrate numerous times what prompts I entered to find the vehicle and the price. The price matched the advertised price on their website but they wanted to add an additional $3000 in fees above the $1000 dealer fee that was on the certificate. This is the complete opposite of transparent pricing the program touts.


But Grasshopper... is that USAA's fault or a rip off car dealer for trying to pump up the price?

Spartan31, Thanks for sharing your experience with us. When you are using the Car Buying Service you are building out a virtual vehicle.  The dealers will do their best in matching the vehicle to your specifications. The price may change depending on the different options available on the dealer's lot.  We will be reviewing your transaction with the dealers to ensure proper program guidelines were followed. We will be contacting you to obtain more details.

USAA has been well aware hat ad eagles are no honoring their bs car buying service promises. That's because USAA DOES NOT HAVE a service at all. When I encountered major issues were th an alleged USAA Certified Dealer, USAA merely pushed me off on their affiliate TrueCar. Both TrueCar and USAA profit from these dealers, and neither has any iinterest in resolving dealers that dint abide by the program. USAA Customer a Beware.

RAR7112, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us in Community.  We acknowledge that you have been contacted by a specialist to address your concern related to the car buying service.  Despite our best efforts, I understand you remain unpleased with the outcome.  Please reach out to your point of contact to discuss this matter further.